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Programs Offered In High School

The high school stage is so significant in a life of a student. Therefore all students should take the best opportunities presented to them. Exchange programs offer the best platforms for student to explore their education in a different kind of setting as compared to conventional methods. Learning in a different setting is the characteristic offered by exchange program opportunities. With respect to their career choices, the student gets to pick what will go well with them from a number of offered programs.

One of the programs available is the academic year program. In this program, a student has to be between 15-18 years of age. Additionally, the student is required to be acquainted with the English language for three or more years before registering for the program. After having qualified all the needs, the student is given a host family that will house them while the program is ongoing. The program usually lasts an academic year or a semester.

PSP which is the private school program is another program offered whereby a chosen student possibly stays for over a year up until their graduation. This is made possible through attaining a type of visa called F-1. Most private schools prefer to work with PSP students because of the quality of students that qualify for it. Among the qualifications are students being required to be mature, flexible, ambitious to succeed, able to integrate and write and speak very well in English.
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Short term programs abbreviated as STPs are also a program that high schoolers can pick to go through. They go for 2 weeks to 2 months variant on the aim of the given students. The requirements are a bit easy to attain for this program. This is because most of the foreign students that take this program only aim to improve their English skills. The additional aim is usually to gain more integration abilities when they relate to their host family and the surrounding people. They also get to experience a diverse culture during their stay. The host high school also makes sure it has in place activities that will ensure that the students are well accommodated. This is so to make sure that they get the most out of their short stay. Most students prefer this for they get to experience as much they can.
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The last step program is the vocational youth program. This is where those who are graduating stay in another country while they work as usually they are regarded as young adults. There exist internships that help advance the students’ careers. Apart from learning new ways of living, they also advance. There are other open door opportunities in which other learners can pick and get to go through the same kinds of experiences.