An Air Cleaner Replacement Filter Should Be Changed Regularly And Installed Properly

Although it sounds like a simple task to perform, air filters are regularly installed improperly. The filters may look the same on both sides, there is definitely a wrong way to install an air filter. A clean air filter helps a furnace to operate more efficiently and purify the air in a home. It only takes five or ten minutes to perform. Most of the time will be taken to write down the size of the air filter, which you can find on the existing filter, and going to the store to purchase one.

In order to change a filter, the furnace should be off at the time. This can easily be done by turning the thermostat to the off position. This eliminates debris exiting or entering the ductwork or furnace. Determine the size of the filter. The current filter normally has the size printed on the end. Some filters may need to be partially removed from the furnace in order to see it. Purchase a new one of the same size and remove the old filter and insert the new one. The unit can be turned back on after installation. Air filters that become clogged with dirt, dust, and debris will limit the airflow traveling through the unit and can cause a variety of problems.

On every air filter is a directional arrow. This shows the flow of the air entering and exiting the filter. The pointed part of the arrow on the Air Cleaner Replacement Filter should be pointed towards the operating area. The air travels through the ductwork into the filter and travels out the other side. The air coming from the duct work is from a cold air return. There are a variety of vents in a home that travels to a central pipe that travels to a furnace. Filters often collapse in the middle when they are installed incorrectly.

The best way to remind yourself the proper installation of a new air filter is by drawing an arrow with a marker on the furnace. This will be a helpful reminder to check the arrow direction on the filter before installing it.