Clearing the Clutter for Thorough Home Cleaning and Organization

Many people rent a storage unit with the goal of clearing the clutter from their homes. Clutter tends to accumulate over time as someone lives in the same place. Often, there is no real reason or motivation to get rid of things, and a person may have trouble dispensing of objects that represent even a small amount of sentimental attachment. Self-storage has become so popular that people usually have numerous options near their place of residence. Prospective customers can call the facilities or check pricing on the websites. They’ll want to find out whether the company is running any discount specials, such as offering the first month free with a six-month contract.

Some individuals even want to clear nearly everything out of a house temporarily in order to thoroughly clean the place. They might hire movers or a few people looking for some extra money, and have all that non-essential furniture, boxes of belongings, totes and other items hauled to the storage unit. It feels like a breath of fresh air when the home is free of so much clutter and can now easily be cleaned from floor to ceiling.

After the big cleaning project is complete, this type of customer at a facility such as First Choice Mini-Storage might want to consider continuing to rent the unit for a while and go through the belongings with an objective viewpoint. Having everything hauled back again and stuffed into closets, corners and cabinets defeats the idea of de-cluttering. Consider someone who has inherited a few sets of antique or vintage china from grandparents but does not plan to ever use them. It might be best to offer these dish sets to other people in the family, or to sell them online or to an antique shop. Someone may get some good use out of these pieces. Many people are searching for replacements for specific components of a china set. If the person has a strong nostalgic attachment to the items, perhaps a plan could be made to buy a hutch and display some of them. There’s no need to rush, however, as long as an affordable self-storage unit is being occupied.